Julião Sarmento

visual artist





"Alice Joana is a young artist/dancer/performer with whom i have had the pleasure collaborating since fall 2012. In my opinion her work is mesmerizing and she is a wonderful force of nature!...I first met her when she performed in one of my pieces at the opening of my retrospective exhibition in Serralves Contemporary Art Museum in Oporto and, since then, i have worked with her in other projects as well, both hers and mine."

Jorge Barreto Xavier

culture minister of Portugal


"I know Alice Joana work in the areas of dance and performance that i follow with a great interest. In my opinion her work has a strong sense of contemporaneity and she is a singular young artist in the framework of new performing arts tendencies."



Daddy G

Massive Attack 





Chantal Pontbriand

curator of performing arts



Musa Okwonga

poet and journalist



Boris Diaw

basketball player 



Alex Atala
















Rui Tendinha

film critic



Fernando Alvim 

tv host



"Alice is one of the most unconventional people i have ever met, never expect anything that is confortamble, her work in dance is always thought provoking and she is always thought provoking the boundaries further and further away from convention. Hopefully like what we try to do with our music as Massive Attack."



"I know Alice Joana in the areas of dance and performance that i follow with a great interest and curiosity. Her research about body issues, space and time issues, and phychologic tensions that she perpetrates sets a solid knownledge about its creative process."


"Alice Joana work is a rare blend of raw emotion and sublime technique. Drawn from a wide range of influences, her performances are visceral, intimate, and endlessly engaging."



"Alice Joana is an artist that knows how to touch the emotional part of our personality...with an endless artistic sensuality....".


"How to define an art? Often we resort to clichés, but art is everything that excites, is everything that generates sensation. We are accustomed to relate art to a painting, a drawing, a painting, a sculpture and we forget about the art of life, nature and its elements. Alice, in her full expression of art, carries paraffin as a canvas in her own body. The water and its movements are alternating emotions and, above all, questions. His art provokes the viewer in a challenging way. This is how I define the art of Alice Joana Gonçalves. It is inspired by life, nature and its various forms. All her perspectives complement each other and bring us excitement."


"When she dances her body frees itself. When she dances (...) she becomes a female animal with a texture that marks almost a dialogue with a new and feminine statement (...)".



"Desire is always very visible. In some of her performances i have seen it´s imposible not to notice that,and i believe that people after watching an Alice´s performance leave the room with a desire, often for her."