last update 04.02.2017

Terms & Conditions


The Terms and Conditions contained in this electronic page, regulate your participation in the performance ‘I’m Yours, Sincerely’ by the performer Alice Joana Gonçalves.

These Terms apply in effect to your participation in the performance. By participating, you are fully accepting, in good faith, the terms and conditions set out below.


Intellectual Property and Copyright

The performance ‘I’m yours, sincerely’ is protected by the Portuguese copyright protection law and is the intellectual property of the performer Alice Joana Gonçalves, its sole and official author and creator, and is not allowed, under any circumstance, its Copy or any similar action that is harmful to the artist.

All content that has been created by you and that resulted from your participation in the performance ‘I’m yours, sincerely’, is owned by the performer Alice Joana Gonçalves.

You are granted a limited license, subject to the restrictions provided in these Terms, for the purpose of accessing, viewing and interacting with the performer by email.

These conditions apply throughout the world and Portuguese law prevails over all.


Identity Protection

The participant may choose to omit all personal information at the time he or she announces the will to participate. For this, the management of the project will create a fictitious email in which the participant will correspond with the performer.



It is expressly prohibited and emphatically restricted the following, unless authorized in writing and signed by the author, to: copy, sell, sublicense, market, and/or publicly present and record videos that result from the performance ‘I’m yours, sincerely’.

It is expressly prohibited for the participant to divulge, in any circumstance and through any oral and written support, in its entirety, part, fragments, intimate and personal expressions, contained in the conversations, that violate the good faith and privacy of the artist Alice Joana Gonçalves.


Limitation and feasibility

Under no circumstances, performer Alice Joana Gonçalves will be responsible for you in any situation resulting or related to your participation in the performance ‘I’m yours, sincerely’.

The performer is also not liable for any indirect, consequential, or special liability arising out of, or in any way related to your participation.

The participant acknowledges that the performer is the only person involved in matching his / her performance in ‘I’m yours, sincerely’, not resorting to subcontracting, or seeking support from others, and therefore the artist’s responses may not be immediate .

In the case of a performance, the participant acknowledges that the content of the correspondence is personal and may result in creative content.

The participant acknowledges that the artist has the right to use the conversations for his or her own creation, including the holding of exhibitions, books and other artistic objects, in Portuguese and foreign territory, provided that the participant’s anonymity is safeguarded.

The participant acknowledges that all silences or absences of response must be respected and are an integral part of the creative process of performance ‘I’m Yours, Sincerely’. Nevertheless, the artist undertakes to respond to all messages sent to her.

The participant acknowledges that the performance will only begin when he or she is accepted by the project manager.



If any provision of these Terms is found to be unenforceable or invalid under any applicable law, the unenforceability or invalidity will not render them unworkable or invalid as a whole. Any provisions will be deleted without prejudice to the other provisions contained in this page.


Terms Variation

These Terms can be reviewed at any time that the artist or agency representing them, EMERGE - Contemporary Art Agency, feels the need. If this happens, all active participants will be notified via email.

Any updates to these Terms will only be valid from the time it is made public, and only for new subscriptions.


Total Agreement

These Terms, including the legal notices and disclaimers contained in this performance, constitute the entire agreement between the performer Alice Joana Gonçalves and the participant in relation to their participation in the performance ‘I’m yours, sincerely’, and replace all previous agreements and understandings In relation to it.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Portugal and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Lisbon for the resolution of any disputes.