I'm yours, sincerely

Performance by Alice Joana Gonçalves curated by Jorge Reis



The words take the place of my body. My body transforms into an expression of words.


This body with which I was born, grew and aged is the central point of the work that I carry out as a performer. The relationships that my body establishes with its own expressions and with the bodies of others, the dynamics that it triggers with the surroundings and with the objects that surround it, the reflections that, from the body, I develop around subjects such as voyeurism, romance, fantasy, seduction, contemplation, attraction or the sublime make up the corpus of my work.

“I’m yours, sincerely” is a performance that corresponds via email as a means of communication between me and the participant (You who is reading these text!). I will know nothing of you at the beginning. And all I know will be the fruit of the advances (and the setbacks) of writing these same e-mails. Our correspondence will take place through a seemingly undressed medium, generally classified as cold and superfluous. This is the starting point for a closer and intimate relationship. I will make myself known. I want to know you. The development and the ending of this exchange of correspondence have no limits. This experience, where the body is at first glance absent, that may result in a live video-performance, where my body is shaped by our words.


The invitation to your participation is launched! 

To do so, just send me an email at alice@imyourssincerely.com 


I’m yours, sincerely
Alice Joana Gonçalves


By clicking on ‘participate’, or by sending an email at alice@imyourssincerely.com, you agree in receive an email from the project management with the necessary information for your participation.


Performer Alice Joana Gonçalves
Curatorship and design Jorge Reis
Project Manager Daniela Ambrósio
Director David Rebordão
Sound design Ricardo Cabral, Manuel Guimarães
Communication Ana Sécio
Translation Rodrigo Sousa Machado



with the kind support of
Slingshot - Comunicação e Multimédia